Creative Consultancy – The logical art of making your brand look good

Creative agencies and consultants have always been two sides of the same coin. While the agency delivers the creative services, the consultant is there to lead the strategic development. But doesn’t that sound like a lot of wasted effort to you? Don’t consultants and agencies have the same goal in mind? And, as such, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to work in harmony, rather than in opposition?

This is precisely what the big wide world of advertising is thinking right now. It has become important for the agencies to think like a consultancy. We fully believe that this is the answer. If agencies are really serious about survival into 2018 and beyond, they need to start thinking like a consultancy. A few listed reasons make this crystal clear to us.

Creativity is just a part of the solution: The place where agencies always trump consultants is in the creative disciplines. Creative agencies are powerful little ideas factories, always just a latte away from the next viral sensation. Consultants, on the other hand, look to spreadsheets for their answers; not a very creative proposal. Creativity is not the be-all and end-all, but it is a very relevant and important facet of the elegant solution.

Marketing is driven by data: Old school marketing, of the ‘one size fits all’ variety, made everything about raising product awareness. Get more people to see your product, sell more products; simple concept. But today’s consumers want much mor, and only by adopting a data driven approach can companies realty build on insight.

Customer experience wins: Defining, deliberating, dissecting and discerning the oodles of data available to us is the key to an amazing customer experience. And, I’m sure we don’t need to tell you, amazing customer experiences win. With insightful analytics, companies can create new products that their customers were crying out for, but a working knowledge and respect for the validity of data is essential.

Hence, we expertise in both the key areas to drive out the maximum profits for our client businesses. We truly believe in the famous saying, “If we keep our customers happy, they will keep us in business” We go deep into the basics of the business or product ideas and apply all the type of combinations to present the best for you. A creative without any strategy behind is a just a piece of paper. It has to be result oriented and at the same time speak of relevance to the product or the idea.

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