Online vs Offline: A pertinent question

The question that has made the media planners scratch their heads and bang their writing pads hard on their table but the answer is nowhere to see. And Never will! Simply, because there is not one answer to it. There are many.

A lot of factors affect the choice of a media for a brand but this does not settle well with the brand managers. They are looking in for trendy mediums which doesn’t work for all the brands leaving the blame to the mediums itself.

Here, I am going to share my experience of working in the market as a media planner and a consultant in creative agency in chandigarh.

The online marketing aka digital marketing has taken over the market majorly over the years. People have started degrading the mediums such as Print Advertising, Radio Advertising, TV Advertising and other traditional forms.

The digital marketing platforms and options are perceived to be cheap and working well. But, sadly this is not the case. It ranges from about Rs. 0.50 to Rs. 50 for one lead. The latter bid falls into the category of being costly and is not justified.

The effectiveness of any medium, be it Online or Offline depends a lot on the life stage of the business or the age of a brand. The category of the business is another factor that comes into the picture. A decade old brand will find it easier to shift to digital marketing than a brand which has to start.

Following the trend, people with new business ideas and recent set-ups wish to create strong presence and halla bol on digital platform but this is not the right start.

Digital Marketing is working for businesses which have been existing before digital media came. For the ones who are not striving hard to create a positioning in the market but just need to be present wherever their customers are. For other, it is just the reach and impression numbers that too are reaching out to everyone but the target audience.

The numbers are terrific but the reality of the digital media is terrifying. Every now or then, we are bombarded with news pieces revealing the fake numbers of likes, followers across the social media platforms.

In the present stage of advertising, people are just blindly following the trend of publicizing the business online. There is no particular logic.

In the nutshell, the choice of media, be it online or offline is something to be decided with the age of the brand and not the mere trend. There is no particular trend in advertising. There are mediums which exist since a long time, there are mediums that are being innovated, understanding the brand stage is the key to the right kind of promotion of your brand.

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  1. Atul Gupta | March 15, 2018 at 10:45 am

    good one keep it up


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